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GOOD BYE MR.CHIPS (Best Notes for Intermediate Students)

QUESTION 1: Who was wetherby? describe the first meeting between him and Mr. Chips.
Ans: Wetherby was the head of Brookfield school when Mr. Chips joined it in 1870. Wetherby was a very polite and decent fellow. During the first interview he encouraged Mr. Chips very much. He received him very warmly in his study. He told Mr. Chips that he knew why he left  Melburg school. Wetherby told him that his discipline would improve with the passage of time, as it was a matter of experience. Mr. Chips did not forget his this meeting with Wetherby. Mr. Chips could not forget the encouragement that was given to him by Wetherby.

QUESTION 2: Who was colley and why did Mr. Chips remembered him?
Ans: Colley was the first student who got punishment from Mr. Chips during his first lecture. He dropped the lid of the desk and Mr. Chips gave him hundred lines to write as punishment. Then his son and grandson came to Brookfield and they were also taught by Mr. Chips. Mr. Chips used to make fun of all the colleys and considered them all dunces and naughty. He used to tell colley junior that he was the most stupid of all.   

QUESTION 3: What did Mr. Chips teach at Brookfield and what were his ideas about those subjects?
Ans: Mr. Chips taught Greek and Latin at Brookfield. He loved his subjects. He was of the view of that these languages should have been treated as living as other languages spoken by people. He felt happy to be associated with these languages and according to him people who understood and used these languages were an honourable community.

QUESTION4: Describe the first meeting of Mr. Chips and Katherine Bridges.
Ans: The first meeting of Mr. Chips and Katherine is the most beautiful and important incident of the novel. Chips were visiting Lake District during his summer vacation. One day he saw a girl standing on a dangerous rock and waving excitedly. He thought that she needed help. He ran towards her and in doing so he slipped himself and got his ankle wrenched. When he fell, Katherine rushed to help him. Chips found himself rescued instead of the rescuer. After that incident, Katherine kept on looking after him. Mr. Chips was altogether against the modern women and the freedom she liked. But this charming girl changed his outlook entirely and very soon they fell in love with each other, and got married.   

QUESTION 5: What were the views of Mr. Chips about himself?
Ans: Mr. Chips was a man who loved to live with realities. He never thought high about himself. Most of the time he used to think that he was not capable of doing excellent things. His degree was mediocre and he would never get promotion. He rated himself as an average teacher. Occasional difficulties in maintaining discipline in classes also troubled him a lot. After getting married to Katherine he shared his views with her and she used to take all things very lightly and laughed only in reply. However, after his marriage he changed a lot and became a new man  who was far better than the bachelor chips.

QUESTION 6: How did students of chips behave on the occasion of April fool?
Ans: First April 1898 was the day when his new born baby and wife died . He was very sad and downcast, every thing had lost its charm and attraction and he also wanted to die. On that very day he received a lot of addressed to him and when he opened them they contained nothing but blank papers. Actually this was April fool and all these letters had been sent to him by his students. He was so absorbed in his sorrow and preoccupied with his thoughts that he took no notice of it.

QUESTION7:How did Mr. Chips feel after his marriage with Katharine Bridges?
ANS: Mr. Chips was 48 years old and when he married Katherine who was 25 years old. During their short marrital life Chips considered himself to have found all the happiness in this world he became Questionuite a changed person who was loved honoured and obeyed at Brookfield. Katherine Bridges was a loving wife and s.he made Chips also loving and caring after his marriage with Katherine. Chips could hardly believe that it could ever have happened before or since in the world. Unfortunately she died in childbirth and chips again remained alone in this world but still he could remember her and got unlimited inspiration out of the sweet memories of his wife and his married life.

QUESTION8: How did Mr. Chips want to preserve his memories?
ANS: Mr. Chips became Questionuite lonely after the death of his wife and after retirement when he used to sit near the fire at Mr. Wicket innumerable memories thronged his mind. He used to remember time passed with Katherine and he recollected the names of a lot of boys. He loved his past and its memories so passionately that he wanted to keep them  new and fresh. Once he decided to write all  his memories and while living at Mr. Wicket’s he started writing desultory notes but writing tired him mentally and physically and he gave it up. Secondly he felt that all those memories in written form had lost that charm and beauty which they used to have while staying in his mind. However he had a firm resolve to arrange all those memories in written form.

QUESTION9:When did Mr. Chips became head of Brookfield and was he successful in doing his duties?
ANS: In 1900 old Meldrum, who  succeeded Wetherby and  remained Head for 30 years, suddenly died. After his death Brook field had to have a new head and it took the  board of governors some time to appoint the new Head. During this interval Chips became acting head. There was possibility that this would turn into permanent appointment Mr. Chips had no liking for it and he was absolutely not disappointed when a new Head was appointed. During his short period as Head he performed his duties
Questionnaire up to the mark and efficiently.

QUESTION 10: Influence of Katherine bridges on Mr. Chips regarding disciplinary problems in particular. Discuss?
Ans: Katherine bridge after marriage with Mr. Chips made him Questionuite a changed person. He felt himself more stronger and confident than he used to be before his marriage. Katherine bridges had conquestionuered him completely and he never kept anything from her He used to discuss with her even the slightest problems. Before his marriage he was hard, dry and neutral sort of person. After his marriage his discipline became better. Katherine directly took part in the affairs of school. She made him broad minded and students were happy with him. Whenever he was on the verge of punishing any student she stopped him and asked him to give the boy another chance. She was not in the favour of punishing boys. She always advised him not to report the cases of boys to Head and he always agreed. She was so influential throughout her life that after her death whenever he was confronted with any problem. He wished that she were alive to give her valued opinion

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