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Ashiana Housing Scheme 4 Low Income Persons (by CM Punjab)

Ashiyana housing project has launched by the Government of Pujnab. this housing project is belong to low income people, and Punjab Government is associating the Revolutionariness step by Chief Minister Minster Mian Muhammad Shahbaz sharif.if the distributing of the houses will be unbiased and fair then i guess this Ashiyana Housing Project will be really relief for those people which have low income and living on the rent , and the price of houses are also cheap.

Ashiyana Housing project is started with the Lahore having 3 and 5 marla residential project consist of latest houses. In initial phase then it will be expended on the other cities of the Punjab.

Detail of the Houses

3 Marla houses are available at the price of only 840,000pkr ( Eight lac Forty thousand rupees only)

5 Marla Houses are available at the price of only 1,190,000pkr. (Eleven lac ninety thousand rupees only)

advance payment is 25% and rest of the amount will be deposited in ten year easy installment, you will get 5% discount if submit full payment as we can say it down payment.

Features of Ashiyana Housing project ( Claimed by Government of Punjab)

* Special qota for the Widow, poor and special person
* persons whom income are less then 20,000rs eligible for this project
* Get latest living style and very low price with the guarantee of Government OF Punjab
* Get ownership by giving amount at the price of rent
* Fair balloting will be held.
* Punjab Government also offer to help in monthly installment

General Facilites

1. Wide and Vast roads
2. Good sewerage and drain system
3. Electricity and water supply
4. Hospital and Trasnportation
5. Commercial Area and Parks
6. Health Club and Community centers alike other facilities

Location of Aashyana Housing Project

PLDC is launching its low-income housing scheme by the name of Aashyana Housing Project (AHP). The program will take off from a housing scheme at ‘Soi-Asal, Lahore’ and will be extended to other major cities of Punjab.

TO see the location clink on this link

Picture Gallery of Aashyana Housing project

see the picture gallery or model house of aashyana project click on the given link

NOTE : Get application form by visit website of PLDC or also get free from all branches of Bank of punjab

You can download this from just click on this link

If you are unable to get the application form at Government of punjab website.

Just click here

Looking for more information and guidance please contact on these following addresses

Address : Punjab Land Development Company (PLDC) A-1 of Club Road, GOR-1 Lahore.

Tel # 042-992054550-4

Email #

Website #

Note : if you have any type of property query just click on Pakistan second largest property solution website

Message from the Chief Minister of Punjab
Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

The quality of human settlements, especially in small town Punjab, continues to lag in the availability of housing, roads, schools, health facilities, safe drinking water, sanitation and other social services. Although an informal sector, dominated by corruption and decadence has developed, as evidenced by the slums, katchi abadis, and squatter settlements and bogus or ill planned housing schemes. Current trends in urban development small town/community planning and housing development remain uncontrolled, unguided, and highly unsustainable. Land and Urban development in Punjab is under tremendous pressure from uncontrolled urban sprawl, deteriorating urban environment, deficiencies in urban services, shortages in the provision of housing, and absence of properly developed spaces for economic activity -industrial estates, technology parks, and related infrastructure. I am fully aware of the problems and difficulties of the poor segment of society as they can just dream of owning a house but do not have resources/support to make it happen, a concern that has deeply touched me personally.
I am convinced that this is a noble cause which can only be accomplished through missionary zeal and zest, I have therefore, established “Punjab Land Development Company� managed by renowned experts from the private/public sector. I am determined to provide the poor with housing at an affordable price through “AASHYANA HOUSING PROJECT (AHP)�. This entails provision of planned, clean and affordable housing for low income groups by the Govt. of Punjab.
Our projects would have in built mechanism of sustainability, affordability, and transparency at every step. “Aashyana Housing Project (AHP)� would focus at provision of low cost housing with quality internal infrastructure, ecological friendly ambience and provision of all necessary amenities like roads, sewerage, commercial enclaves, electricity, parks and horticulture, medical services, schools and vocational training centers.
I assure that this is just the beginning of a ‘silver lining’ in the dark night. I would leave no stone unturned to do maximum for the welfare and betterment of my people.

Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister Punjab
Message from the Chairman PLDC
Sheikh Allauddin

Sheikh AlludingShelter is one of the basic human rights which is fully secured and guaranteed by the Constitution of Pakistan. Successive governments in the past have attempted to tackle the housing problem in Punjab but have not gained any significant success due to a variety of reasons including the lack of affordability and focusing the socio-economic characteristics of the target group. This has resulted in ever growing and ever increasing housing problem especially for the shelter less families having meager monthly household income and no hope to improve their affordability situation under current circumstances. While the private sector has the sole aim of making profits in the real estate market, therefore public sector efforts remain the only hope. Innovative approaches have been developed by housing experts under the dynamic leadership of Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the Chief Minister Punjab to help low-income families solve their housing problem. A team of dedicated professionals have been collected for this purpose and given the colossal and challenging task. We all pray to Almighty Allah to help us succeed in our efforts and carry out the noble task.


* Increase and improve the supply of housing, available and affordable to low and moderate income groups
* Establishment of a sustainable community living
* Ensuring decent and modern ambiance in each housing scheme
* Bringing down the cost of the houses while not compromising on the quality
* Making the project affordable for the target groups through easy installment plans
* Ensuring transparency and fair play at every step

Allotment/Eligibility Criteria:

* Target Population will be individuals having income less than Rs. 20,000 p.m.
* 3 & 5 Marla Row Houses
* Monthly Installment of the allotted house not to exceed the monthly rent of same size of house.
* Speculation will be curbed at all cost.
* Special quota for widows, orphans and disabled.
* Nuclear Family
* Age Between 25 & 60 years. (Applicable for bank loan only)
* Living in a rented house or in joint family, the applicant should not posses his/her own house.
* Physical verification of the credentials of each applicant through third party

Structure of Houses:

Aashiyana Housing Project offers two categories of housing units to cater for the variety of its valued customers, as follows:

* 3-Marla Housing Unit
* 5-Marla Housing Unit

Salient Features of the Project:
External infrastructure

* Transport (Lahore only)

Internal infrastructure to cater for all the needs of decent and modern living

* Carpeted roads
* Sewerage
* Drainage
* Water supply
* Electrification


* Hospital
* School
* Open Spaces/Landscaping/Parks
* Commercial Area
* Graveyard
* Entertainment
* Community Centers
* Health Clubs
* Playing Grounds
* Food Chains/Stalls
* Management of Schemes by the community itself – Community
* Executive Committees


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